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Firsty, I'm typing this post Busted dance off with my 2 Year Old, raising a glass to you, because, we made it everyone (big cheer) We survived another year of Motherhood, we've all had some HUGE ups & downs, but we made it, and it's very bittersweet for some. I wanted to share some New Years Resolutions which are actually relatable and achievable, but also enable you to slow the pace of life down and give you headspace to make you the best version of yourself, so if you're reading this now, or after midnight when you've had a few gins, Happy New Year and the biggest thank you in the world for all your support, you put the fire in my belly to want to do more..

BE MORE PRESENT I think that we can all relate to being on our phones what feels like all the time, whether it's to capture a photo, check the latest insta stories, snapping up that Vinted bargain (guilty) how often do you put your phone down and just be in the moment? I know I'm incredibly guilty and my goal for 2024 is to be present, embrace dancing to the Bluey theme tune because WHY NOT! BRUSHING YOUR HAIR IS ABSOLUTELY A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION Actually, so is washing it for that matter.. We often don't enable enough time to get ourselves ready, but our children are perfectly dressed, matching socks, perfect hair - all I can say is, thank god for dry shampoo and French braids. But take a minute and whether it's brushing your hair, doing skin care which you wouldn't normally, set the time aside YOU CAN SAY NO Now we've all been there, I meet mums every week who plan something and go to me "I wish I didn't say yes" - well this year say no! Whether you're a new mum, toddler mum, mum with 30 year old children (my mum still calls me a pain) IT'S OKAY, and actually you'll be way happier when you next arrange to meet up. Friends and Family will understand, I wish I had said no more in the early days where I struggled with no sleep and could barely string a sentence together!

GET OUTSIDE I don't meet many mums who don't enjoy a walk, the benefits are endless, but I always look at it like free therapy. It improves our mood, helps us stay active and it's free sensory for little ones, watching the leaves in the wind, splashing puddles and why not walk via a coffee shop - YOU DESERVE IT! DOING NOTHING IS OKAY How many of you plan something everyday? (my hand is up) we do because we want to be busy, or we struggle being home all day with our little ones, but actually sometimes, we do just want to do absolutely nothing. So embrace time at home, set up an activity, bake together, enjoy a nice lunch or shower if and when your little one naps - don't feel guilty. I am absolutely making this one a goal. May 2024 be filled with Love, Laughter and Happiness, and here's to being the best versions of us Pip x

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