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Fibromyalgia is a complex & challenging condition to manage and the range of symptoms, sometimes random and seemingly unrelated, are vast.

Fibromyalgia (FMS) is regarded as a “syndrome” in other words, a collection of symptoms. FMS is mainly characterised by pain, chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance. Prevalence of this condition in the general population is 1-2% although it is much more common in women 3-4%.

The list of main symptoms.

Painful tender skin

Shooting pains

Pain that moves around the body but the actual location is hard to pin point.

Lots of trigger points within the muscles

Nausea and IBS

Heightened sensitivity to light, sound, smell, touch & sensitivity to cold

Constantly feeling wiped out and like you are coming down with the flu

Anxiety and panic disorder

Brain fog (fibro fog)

Because the symptoms are so diverse it can, in some cases, take years to diagnose. Sufferers often speak of “not being believed” and the frustration of being told that what they are experiencing is purely psychological.

An incredibly important factor in FMS is something called Central Sensitisation, where the sympathetic nervous system is in a persistent state of high alert & sensitivity. The brain & spinal cord will act like an amplifier that turns up the intensity of pain signals. This can lead to even the lightest of touch feeling like searing pain.

We offer clinical massage for clients with FMS and they will be tailored to provide comfort during the treatment. A very gentle approach with shorter appointment times is essential when dealing with FMS to avoid any aggravation of the condition.

Caroline Hearn MICHT, IIHHT, Advanced Massage Therapist.

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